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Operacijski mikroskop Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700

Predstavlja vrhunski operacijski mikroskop za sva područja oftalmološke kirurgije. Opširnije…

Oertly Phaco + Vitrectom Faros

Oertly Phaco + Vitrectom Faros

Phacoemulsification is a small incision surgery where ultrasound is used. The FAROS-phaco surgical device, which we use for cataract removal, offers the possibility of reducing surgical incision to micro-surgical dimensions (incisions less than 1.8 mm), resulting in fast wound healing and shorter recovery time for the patient.
Cataract surgery is done on an outpatient basis, meaning that the patient spends up to two hours at the Polyclinic after the surgery.

Minimally invasive surgical method (23G / 25G) at a rate of 5000 cuts per minute, under monitored anaesthesia care, is carried out largely without sutures and patients recover very quickly

Previously, this type of surgery could be performed only in three clinical hospital centres in Zagreb, but nowadays, it is also possible to have it performed in Balog Polyclinic.